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The innovative project aim to improve the health of less privileged communities and create jobs to improve their standard of living and curb illegal migration amongst the your of Maphutsaneng.
The Project through remote assistance of an Italian Institute and the University of Agronomy will empower through training the youth of Maphutsaneng on the best solutions for special plants and algae with the latest technologies and to be able to run the project.
The project is earmarked to be in Mekaling Constituency; it will be based in Maphutsaneng Ha Bereng Matsoho in Mohaleshoek district as 80% of the community is unemployed and malnourished including children under the age of five.
Tsa Rona has partnered with Indener Non-Profit Making Organisation from Italy to source funds and implement an integrated social project to develop agricultural centre and health facility, to benefit the community.

The innovative project will be constructed by Solgreen a company based in Italy, it involves four [4] Greenhouses covering the field area of 1350sqm which is readily available to construct in Maphutsaneng Ha Bereng Matsoho as below:
Special Greenhouse1 super-food and food supplements with Botanical Laboratory.
Special Greenhouse2 for breeding and dairy.
Special Greenhouse3 for vegetable and fruit cultivation.
Special Greenhouse4 for medical ambulatories and a small school.
Restrooms will be innovative with ecological treatment without sewage systems, recovering water for irrigation.

Tsa Rona Social Development Company a fully registered Lesotho company owned by a Mosotho; which one of its mandate is to source funds by means of legal fundraising from donors and partner with appropriate legal community developing companies being locally and Internationally to raise funds for projects that empowers rural communities by implementing developmental projects, especially focusing more on agriculture and health projects. Tsa Rona Social Development Company; has partnered with INDENER.Org an Italian Non-Profit Association and Solgreen International Group an Italian Company as the head of a team of associated companies; to implement The Dryland Survival Agriculture Centre an innovative ethical project to be implemented at Braakfontein in Mohaleshoek District; where we already have seven plus [7+] hector fields to implement the project.
Project Description
The Dryland Survival Agriculture Centre project aims to improve the health of the community of Braakfontein and the surrounding Villages by creating the most needed jobs especially focusing on youth and women in order to curb migration and poverty which are in most cases the root course of human-trafficking and un-lawful border crossing to South Africa. The innovative Project we are presenting is a new cultivation method in a protected space by adverse weather conditions, to plant ‘Super Food’ and Food Supplements with advanced technologies, it has a production of water for irrigation and drinkable water which is cultivated from air/well or river. The Dryland Survival Agriculture Centre generate its electrical power by renewable energies, it suitable for the location as we are well aware that Mohaleshoek is a very dry land.
The food security in Lesotho is a challenging factor due to the result of El-Nino which induce drought, the situation has been made worse by successive years of crop failures, which most of the vegetables are important from the neighbouring South Africa and impacts negatively to the low incomes as vegetables prices come with a high price and 41% of rural families [ WFP] are spending over half or their income on food. Maphutsaneng Mixed Agriculture Project is implementing the innovative agriculture model; which will have production of all kinds of vegetables throughout the year. The project further will curb the high demand of importation of vegetables and introduce the uncommon goat dairy products to the market throughout the year. Maphutsaneng Mixed Agriculture Project will venture into agro-processing of the products produced in their farm. We are targeting to employ twenty [20] + full time employees at the start of the project.

MISSION: We work with purpose to deliver exceptional value to our clients; and to make a meaningful contribution to the development of the country.

VALUES: We believe in working with purpose; we are committed to using our skills and talents in services to a better Lesotho.

EXCELLENCE: We uphold the highest standards of professionalism and effectiveness.

ETHICS: We work in a way that is always principled; just and honourable.

DEVELOPMENT: We have faith in the potential for growth, improvement and advancement of both the individual and society.

EXPERTISE: We are ongoing learners and appreciate being knowledgeable specialists in our field and we are committed to being a responsible company in the work of community-based and non-profit organisations.

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